Tuesday’s in the Field

One of the first projects I worked on for Georgia Aquarium was k-2 home school programming for our monthly Tuesday’s in the Field event.

During this program, home school students and their accompanying adults will have exclusive access to our interactive Discovery Zone for a unique self-paced experience. Georgia Aquarium educators will be positioned throughout our Discovery Zone to facilitate a variety of standards-based activities for students K-12 that will allow your students to investigate the scientific process by making observations, applying knowledge, and drawing conclusions.

For my first 2 programs, I decided to focus on k-2 Georgia Performance Standards, and created Dragonfly Life Cycle and a Basic Needs game.

Dragonfly Life Cycle examined the three stages of a Dragonflies life cycle, and offered students the opportunity to choose to make a craft portraying each stage.

Basic Needs was a game where students could dress up as a blacktip reef shark, clown anemone fish, poison dart frog, or beluga whale and then find the appropriate air, shelter, food, and water resources for their animal.



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